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About me

Portait My name is Tom Hendrikx. I'm a thirty-something from Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

This is a new website, and adding more interesting content is a work in progress.


Currently, I have a Software Consultant position at Four Digits, an Arnhem-based company thet develops intelligent web solutions using Python and modern web frameworks like React. With a small team we do projects for our customers, designing and developing intranets, complex web applications or Ecommerce platforms. Almost all Backend software is Python-based (Django, Wagtail, Plone), and frontends are built using modern Javascript frameworks (JQuery, React).

In the past, I've worked in several positions including Customer support and Software engineer. For an in-depth overview of my current and past positions, please have a look at my somewhat complete resume on Linkedin.

Spare time

When not at work or sleeping, I spend my time on several hobbies.


Tom Hendrikx and Pelle Valé on a tandem track cycle For some outdoor relaxing, I like to engage in bicycle racing. Most of the time, this is done on a tandem bike (racing model), together with Pelle Valé, a friend of mine who is visually impaired. During the winter, we also try to spend some time on the track.


I listen to music a lot, and like to visit concerts. While I have a broad taste in music styles, there are a few artists that I've been following over the years, for instance The Dears and The Kills.

Open source

I also devote some time to open source. I use lots of open source software, and experiment with many new technologies. My latest interests are IPV6 and DNSSEC.
Apart from that, I try to contribute some code and time to various open source projects.



The best way to contact me, is by e-mail. Please direct all your messages to 'my first name' at
Use PGP if you like to, my pgp key id is 7D54EFF5 (fingerprint: C26F 374F 5E13 157B 5B42 7A1B 93DF 319D 7D54 EFF5).

I am also (quite in)active on twitter.